Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oceanic Pioneer Mask

This mask was given to me by a friend in a brand new condition. It belonged to his father whom couldn't get the thing to seal. His father purchased the mask for $125 in Canada. I found it online for $99 but it lists a MSRP of $149 at the following site. No matter how you look at, the thing is not cheap, but in the end it is a cheap mask. Seriously, this thing was brand new in it's carrier when given to me. Four months later, the thing started falling apart in several different areas. Rather than explain the whole thing, several pictures have been taken to hopefully save someone from spending a whole lot of money on something unworthy of it. For anyone who might be inclined to suggest better care of the mask is required, perhaps. I hope to use it everyday and rinse it in fresh water upon completion of diving and store it with the rest of the gear.

Still going strong however is the OMS mask reviewed earlier. That was under $25 on LeisurePro.com The gift itself was a tremendous gesture which really touched me. The excitement for the thing was nothing less than, "hey check out my new bad-ass mask." It fit quite comfortably, the soft silicone skirt simply molding to your face, with easy to adjust straps. In the end I believe the silicone being used is too flimsy. I've had several Oceanic Shadows and they have all torn right under the nose. Anyhow, you decide, but you've been warned.

Merry Christmas to those who read this.

Up next, a set of fins which are well worth the money.

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