Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boat Coat

Here in Roatan we spend much of the year diving with 3mm suits or board shorts and a rash guard. That is all we usually need. The water temperature ranges from 80 + F  in the summer to   76 + F during the rainy season. Although some of us still do not use wet suits during the cooler months it gets chilly when you come out of the water. At times, with overcast and wind it becomes downright cold. Enter the boat coat. We bought a bunch of these for the entire staff at Coconut Tree Divers. They are a must have goodness of warmth when you come up from one of those dives. You do not even have to come out of your wetsuit, if you are using one. Simply throw this puppy on and you will skip the whole freezing during the surface interval bit.

We bought them from Trident and paid about $100 per coat. The brand was iDive. In a Google search the following came up from scuba.com. At the time of this entry, it was selling for $44. That is a steal and I highly recommend adding it onto the list of items to bring with you during the rainy season.

picture from Scuba.com

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