Friday, October 2, 2015

Mares Spearfishing Hero Scuba Knife

That's what my trusted dive knife looked like when I first bought it. There isn't really much of a need for carrying a knife when teaching or diving here in Roatan, but it's always good to have one. You just never know when you may come up on some tangled fishing line. Yanking on those lines may lead to pretty deep cuts on your fingers. Having a knife sure comes in handy. If you happen to be hunting lionfish with your authorized Hawaiian sling, that might be yet another instance where having a knife might be helpful. I just don't see the need to carry a Rambo knife complete with thread in the event one must perform their own stitching. Naturally when I saw this compact knife I had to have it. 

As most subscribers to Dive Gear Review know, the gear we choose to try gets used just about daily and multiple times a day. Perhaps the hero knife was not used for cutting or prying a whole lot but it sure did go along for the dives. It lasted less than four months. Today I'm left with a deeply corroded knife which may still very well work, but it looks revolting and has been reclassified as a paper weight up until I write this review. Afterwards, I'll take it over to the Mares store whom will most likely replace it. The issue is not how good or bad the warranty is, it's does the said product pass the usage test. 

The verdict is a loud NO! It lasted less than 200 dives. Dip and Dive has this knife selling for $39.95. It's not going to set you back that much, but we are looking for excellent gear. And so the compact dive knife quest continues. 

For those who may suggest rinsing gear after every use, done. Our gear gets rinsed in fresh water after every use. Other items such as D-rings, flash lights, and brass clips used as part of the daily gear didn't undergo such corrosion. Neither did the GoPro3, the screws on the housing nor the selfie stick. Even when replaced by warranty, we shall look for another option. 

We look forward to ramping up the dive gear reviews.

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