Sunday, September 25, 2011

M2 Hollis Mask

This mask was purchased from This is the confirmation I received from them:

Product ID: HollisM2Mask
Product Name: Hollis M2 Dive Mask
Product Price: $39.95
Quantity: 1

There was plenty of anticipation for using this mask as other Hollis products are being tested. A friend, Andy was planning on starting a dealership here in Roatan. He ended up with a ruptured lung over a fluke accident. He's out of the water for a bit and no dealership, for now. I was scheduled to be part of his original order. In any case, some of their products are being tested. (i.e. backplate, harness, wing, flashlight).

After purchasing the mask online it was delivered to Roatan by some friends who dive with us every year. Thanks for bringing it down Sean and Sue. The mask is a single frame with a relatively soft skirt around it making quite comfortable. The adjustable strap is very easy to operate. It fogged up in the beginning, as every mask I've had to date. A couple of SoftScrub applications took the manufactures protective coating off and I was in excellent shape.

After diving we bring our gear up to the shop where it is rinsed off with fresh water and left to dry on our deck. At the end of the day it is brought into the shop. There is a rack where staff keeps their gear. It's separated into two levels, instructors on top and divemaster trainees on the bottom. Most of us keep all our gear configured in a similar manner. That includes; a BCD hanger holding a BCD, regulator, flash-light, mask clipped to the chest strap, safety marker and reel, and any slates. I wouldn't say that the gear is exposed to extreme conditions.

After about 48 dives the black coating on the top frame of the mask starting peeling off. It looks as though bubbles have formed underneath the areas where it has not peeled. The mask still works, but I've replaced it with my old mask.

In the end, I don't recommend this mask. 

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