Monday, September 26, 2011

OMS Mask

How about a mask that has proven itself to be excellent? There is, in Spanish, the three Bs: Bueno, Bonito y Barato. The: OMS I-CU Two Window With Black Skirt Mask found at for $21.95 has proven itself to be quite reliable and worthy of las 3 Bs. Three of us at the shop use this type of mask. That includes Rags, whose been working at Coconut Tree Divers for three years, Monty our resident commercial diver gone recreational and tec dive instructor and myself. I switched from an Oceanic Shadow as it kept tearing right under the nose. The silicone from the Oceanic is very thin. Perhaps that's why the three Shadows in my doesn't work anymore suitcase all have the same tear. I loved my shadow, but it was becoming quite pricey to keep replacing it every six months. I decided to go for an alternate brand. Based on Monty's feedback, I gave the OMS a shot. The price was right. The issue was, as usual, having to order online and wait for the item to arrive.

On several occasions new Open Water students can't seem to find a mask that fits their face. While I'm not claiming that this will fit everyone, it works for just about everyone I've let borrow. It's easily adjusted and quite comfortable. El Tipo, Tim, one of our seasonal instructors who comes down every year around Christmas time brings down some of these masks to use with his students. They've worked reliably.

I've had my OMS mask for over a year. 

Bottom Line: Double OKs for this mask.

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