Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dive Rite First Stage "bulletproof"

As a new diver you will eventually start buying your own gear. Walking into a store can present endless options ranging from more affordable options to not so affordable. We want, as always, to provide an honest guide to help your decision making when it comes to those purchases. The cost, in the end is not really the issue, it is the longevity and performance of the gear that is.

For the last seven years Coconut Tree Divers has been using the Dive Rite 1200 series first stage. In the words of Tree, the equipment manager, it is bulletproof. To date we have 27 in service on the rental rack. They are regularly maintained which includes; taking them apart, cleaning them, replacing O-rings, lubricating and putting them back together. It is all easy to do, although the recommendation is to let a qualified person take care of this for you. If you work in the industry and you do not have access to a "certified tech" they are simple to work on. You need to have the tools to take them apart
and the service kits.
The shop offers four dives a day. The morning boat leaves at 9:00 AM for a deep dive (30m/100 ft. or more) followed by a second dive at around 11:00 depending on the previous dive time. Usually they last anywhere from 45 minutes to 70 minutes. The morning boat gets back to the dock at around 12:30 pm with the next boat going out at 1:00 and 2:30 pm respectively. Afternoon dives are usually limited to 18m/ 60 ft. The point of all this is that the regulators get used constantly. At times, they go from the hands of one diver to the rinse tank and then another diver or student. Usually we add to that a couple of night dives. The Dive Rite first stage is a work horse. They are not very expensive and they are very reliable. When a particular piece of equipment works reliably, the staff ends up adopting it. Several of us have switched to Dive Rite first stages. Coconut Tree Divers has a total commitment to the safety of its divers. A quick read on TripAdvisor will show among several common themes, safety. With that in mind, we stand behind the Dive Rite first stage.

Monty our commercial diver and  Tec Instructor also uses these first stages for Tec dives and as rental gear for the Tec courses.

Bottom line, the Dive Rite first stage receives double OKs.

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  1. Marco,
    What do you and those of you who are in the water LOTS recommend for second stages and octos? Hope to be joining you all in June for classes and am gearing up, plan to use my gear lots. Cindy

  2. Hi again Cyn, I recommend the Aqualung Titan 2nd Stage. I've had mine for over 10 years. It's super easy to take apart and clean. In searching for the cost of just the 2nd stage online, the first and second stage package keeps showing up. At a brick and mortar shop you should be able to get just the 2nd stage.

    Tree, our equipment manager and long time underwater photographer recommends the Sherwood Brut. I found this one online for about $200 w/ the first stage at the following site:

    Pete, who works at Anthony's Key Resort with his wife recommends the Aqualung Legend.

    I hope this helps. If so, please become a subscriber to DiveGearReview. See you soon.


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