Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mares JAX Custom Mouthpiece

If you dive, chances that you are using a mouthpiece are at about 100%. If you have your own reg, and you use it regularly chances that you’ve replaced the mouthpiece are also pretty high. Initially divers tend to clench down on the mouthpiece. In time the tabs crack off.  Not to mention that the diver ends up with a sore jaw. Enter a custom mouthpiece. The Mares store down the road here in West End sells them for about $30. It’s quite a lot when you compare it to $5 the standard mouthpieces cost. You know what they say, once you go custom mouthpiece you don’t go back. 
How long do they last? The current one on my reg has lasted over two years. Having one on your reg for 15 years when it’s not being used is not an accurate comparison.  That’s just to cover the heckler who says he’s had one for over 200 years. You know the one who goes to work uphill and then goes home uphill again.
Tree, our equipment manager changes mouthpieces anywhere from 2 a week to about 10. The spike is in direct correlation, we believe, to new divers who chew them up. 
The custom mouthpiece is really comfortable. It gets a double OK. For someone with a small mouth, you might have to trim it. Feel free to comment on your experience with this mouthpiece or better yet, join the blog. 
Thanks for coming and happy bubbles.
Here is a description of the Mares JAX Mouthpiece found at DivingDirect

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