Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Combat Cord

If you use a back plate it is very likely you have either bought a more expensive version of a harness or using a continuous webbing solution. There is either a bit canvas with Velcro on it holding your BCD hose and low pressure inflator in place or rigged up with some surgical tubing to do the same. Both methods work just fine.

Enter Combat Cord. It is an excellent alternative. Perhaps it is an ideal replacement for the aforementioned. In case of an emergency you are left with extremely durable cord. Bar the emergency and it acts as a perfect keeper of the two hoses. One of the benefits is that it fits around the webbing, BCD hose and inflator allowing easy access to raise them above your head. It slides up and down so you do not have to undo the velcro to allow trapped air to release. After 300 dives of testing/using, my Combat Cord has not lost it's color nor has it frayed. Unfortunately I have not had an emergency which required deployment, but will continue to dive with it should the occasion present itself. Actually, I hope the situation does not come up, but definitely recommend Combat Cord.

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