Friday, September 5, 2014

After several years the opportunity presented itself to open up and run my own diveshop. Quality Time Divers is the new place. It is located down the road across from the Mares store. Right on the water behind the Roatan Sales and Rental building is where you will find us.

With a different approach to dive adventures we take out just one group, be it 1 diver or 10. The schedule is based on that of the group. The dive sites are chosen based on the group and what it wants to do. Dive Texas and Bears Den on the same day, then do some fishing on the way home.

We offer hot water showers, towels on board, fresh fruit, long dives averaging about 75 minutes. To date the record is a 90 minute dive. All the gear is new from the Mares store, who also happens to fill our tanks in one of the cleanest if not the cleanest filling stations in Honduras.

Visit sites like Spencer Rose's Garden and Rock Star by Pristine Bay. We are setting up two day overnight trips with stops at different hotels along the way. If you would like to visit Utila, Guanaja, Cayos Cochinos, let's go. The cost per dive depends on what you want to do. Yes we charge more for this exclusive experience, and to date guests have been thrilled.

In the future, Dive Gear Review entries will continue on Quality Time Diver's Blog. Thanks for following us. We look forward to providing you with useful information regarding continued gear performance reviews.

Have a great day!

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